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Network Description Owner Dates
YQ03 - Katla 2003 Four stations were run on the Katla volcano, on nunataks and edges of the Myrdalsjokull glacier. One station (MOHN) was located close to volcano Hekla, N of it, some 40 km away. There are 1-2 longer data gaps at every station. One station (ENTA) had two sensors, as a broken instrument had to be replaced. 2003-02-24 / 2003-08-29
Network Station Name Lat/Lon Elevation Est. Thick StdDev Est. Vp/Vs StdDev Assumed Vp Vs Poissons Ratio Num EQ Complexity
YQ03 ENTA Enta 63.70 N/19.18 W 1343 m 19 km 13 km 1.61 0.06 5.195 km/s 3.227 km/s 0.19 2 0.94