Network List

Code Name
7D Cascadia Initiative Community Experiment-OBS component
9D Ice Ocean Interaction at Nuuk Tidewater Glacier
AC Albanian Seismological Network
AD Asian Disaster Preparedness Center- Early Warning Center
AE Arizona Broadband Seismic Network
AF Africa Array
AG Arkansas Seismic Network
AI Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network (ASAIN)
AK Alaska Regional Network
AO Arkansas Seismic Observatory
AR Northern Arizona Network
AT Alaska Tsunami Warning Seismic System
AU Australian Seismological Centre
AV Alaska Volcano Observatory
AY Haitian Seismic Network
AZ ANZA Regional Network
BC Red Sismica del Noroeste de Mexico
BE Belgian Seismic Network
BK Berkeley Digital Seismograph Network
BL Brazilian Lithospheric Seismic Project (BLSP)
C Chilean National Seismic Network
C0 Colorado Geological Survey Seismic Network
C1 Red Sismologica Nacional
CB China National Seismic Network
CC Cascade Chain Volcano Monitoring
CD China Digital Seismograph Network
CH Switzerland Seismological Network
CI Caltech Regional Seismic Network
CM Red Sismologica Nacional de Columbia
CN Canadian National Seismograph Network
CO South Carolina Seismic Network
CT California Transect Network
CU Caribbean Network (USGS)
CW Servicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba (SSNC)
CY Cayman Islands
CZ Czech Regional Seismic Network
DK Danish Seismological Network
DR Dominican Republic Seismic Network
EI Irish National Seismic Network (INSN)
EP UTEP Seismic Network
ER Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory Seismic Network
ET CERI Southern Appalachian seismic Network
FR French Broadband Seismological Network
GB Great Britain Seismograph Network
GG Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network
GH Ghana Digital Seismic Network
GI Red Sismologica Nacional- Guatemala
GL Volcanologic Seismologic Observatory Network of Guadeloupe -OVSG
GM US Geological Survey Networks
GO National Seismic Network of Georgia
GR German Regional Seismic Network or Graefenberg Array
GS US Geological Survey Networks
GT Global Telemetered Seismograph Network (USAF/USGS)
GY Geyokcha, Turkmenistan Seismic Array
H2 Hawaii 2 Observatory
HK Hong Kong Seismographic Network
HL National Observatory of Athens Digital Broadband Network
HT Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Seismological Network
HV Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Network
HW Hanford Washington Seismic Network
IC New China Digital Seismograph Network
II Global Seismograph Network (GSN - IRIS/IDA)
IM International Miscellaneous Stations
IN National Seismic Network of India
IP Instituto Superior Tecnico Broadband Seismic Network
IU Global Seismograph Network (GSN - IRIS/USGS)
IW Intermountain West
JM Jamaica Seismograph Network
JP Japan Meteorological Agency Seismic Network
KC Central Asian Seismic Network of CAIAG
KG Korean Seismic Network- KIGAM
KN Kyrgyz Seismic Telemetry Network
KO Kandilli Observatory Digital Broadband Seismic Network
KP Korea Polar Seismic Network
KR Kyrgyz Digital Network
KW Kuwait National Seismic Network
KY Kentucky Seismic and Strong Motion Network
KZ Kazakhstan Network
LB Leo Brady Network
LD Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network
LI Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Experiment (LIGO)
LX University of LISbon SEISmic Network
MB Montana Regional Seismic Network
MC Montserrat CALIPSO Borehole Network
MG Seismic Network of the NorthEastern Mexico
MQ Martinique Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network
MS IRIS/Singapore, Singapore National Network (GSN)
MX Mexican National Seismic Network
MY Malaysian National Seismic Network
N4 Central and EAstern US Network
NA Netherlands Antilles Seismic Network
ND New CaleDonia Broadband Seismic Network
NE New England Seismic Network
NI North-East Italy Broadband Network
NL Netherlands Seismic Network
NM Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network
NN Western Great Basin/Eastern Sierra Nevada
NO Norwegian Seismic Array Network
NU Nicaraguan Seismic Network
NV Neptune Canada
NW Northwestern University Seismic Network
OE Austrian Seismic Network
OK Oklahoma Seismic Network
ON RSIS-Rede Sismografica do Sul e Sudeste Observatorio Nacional, Brazil
OO Ocean Observatories Initiative
OV Observatorio Vulcanol¿gico y Sismol¿gico de Costa Rica
PA ChiriNet
PB Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Seismic Network
PE Penn State Network
PF Volcanologic Network of Piton de Fournaise-OVPF
PL Polish Seismological Network
PM Portuguese National Seismic Network
PN PEPP-Indiana
PO Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seis
PR Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) & Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program (PRSMP)
PS Pacific21
PT Pacific Tsunami Warning Seismic System
PY PFO Array
RM Regional Integrated Multi Hazard Early Warning System
RO Romanian Seismic Network
RV Regional Alberta Seismic Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network
S Seismographs in Schools Projects
SC New Mexico Tech Seismic Network
SP South Carolina Earth Physics Project
SV Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador
TA USArray Transportable Network (new EarthScope stations)
TD TransAlta Monitoring Network
TJ Tajikistan National Seismic Network
TS TERRAscope (Southern California Seismic Network)
TT Seismic Network of Tunisia
TW Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology
TX Texas Seismological Network
UO University of Oregon Regional Network
US United States National Seismic Network
UU University of Utah Regional Network
UW Pacific Northwest Regional Seismic Network
VU Vanuatu Seismic Network
WC Curacao Seismic Network
WI West Indies IPGP Network
WU The Southern Ontario Seismic Network
WY Yellowstone Wyoming Seismic Network
XA93 Non Proliferation Experiment (Chemical Kiloton at NTS)
XA95 Missouri to Massachusetts Transect
XA97 Anatomy of an Archean Craton, South Africa
XA02 Bhutan
XB93 Southwest Pacific Seismic Experiment
XB96 Abitibi Experiment
XB97 Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica
XB00 Marlborough New Zealand Short-Period Arrays
XB14 Sweetwater Array
XC91 Tibetan Plateau Broadband Experiment
XC94 Puget Sound BB Array
XC95 Southern Alps Passive Seismic Experiment
XC00 Yellowstone Intermountain Seismic Array
XC06 High Lava Plains Broadband Seismic Experiment
XD94 Tanzania BB Experiment
XD96 Iceland Hotspot
XD99 Woodlark - D_Entrecasteaux Rift, PNG
XD07 Polar Equipment Development
XD14 Illuminating the architecture of the greater Mount St. Helens magmatic systems f
XE94 BBand Andean Joint Exp. / Seismic Exploration of Deep Andes
XE99 Broadband Experiment Across Alaskan Range
XE05 Sierra Nevada EarthScope Project- EarthScope Flex Array
XF94 Penninsular Ranges, California
XF95 Antarctic Microearthquake Project
XF00 Laramie Telemetered Brad-band Array
XG92 Rocky Mountain Front
XG95 Nanga Parbat Pakistan
XH94 Colorado Plateau-Great Basin Network
XH96 Bolivian Experiment
XH02 Western Anatolia Linear Array and Regional Network
XI95 Saudi Arabia Broadband Array
XI00 Ethiopia/Kenya Broadband Seismic Experiment
XJ95 Adirondack Broadband Array
XJ97 Sierran Paradox
XJ98 Side Edge of Kamchatka Subduction Zone
XJ00 Eastern Snake River Plain Experiment
XK97 Western Superior Teleseismic Experiment
XK99 CDROM (Colorado)
XK01 Reflections under the Scottish Highlands
XL94 Southern Seirra - Death Valley
XL97 Deep Probe (Archean-Proterozoic)
XL12 Hangay Dome, Mongolia
XM95 Wabash Seismic Experiment
XM99 Rio Grande Seismic Transect
XN98 LARSE II - Passive Phase
XN00 RPI-UW Parkfield Calibration Array
XO11 Ozark Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky ES Flexible Array
XP00 Trans Antarctic Mountain Seismic Experiment
XR01 Florida to Edmonton Seismic Experiment
XR08 Seismic Investigation of Edge Driven Convection Associated with the Rio Grand Rift
XS96 Erebus, Antarctica
XS99 Montana BB Array
XT94 Micronesia Seismic Network
XT97 Colorado BB Array - Lodore
XT01 Seismic Array in Fiji and Tonga
XT03 SE Caribbean Passive Experiment
XU96 New Zealand Seismic Experiment
XU06 Cascadia Arrays For Earthscope
XV09 Bighorn Arch Seismic Experiment
XV14 Fault Locations and Alaska Tectonics from Seismicity
XW97 Tien Shan Continental Dynamics
XY97 Northern Baja Transect
XY99 Nicoya, Costa Rica
XY10 Chile RAMP
XZ03 DHOFAR Seismic Experiment
XZ05 STEEP: St. Elias Erosion and Tectonics Project
Y213 Balcombe
Y506 Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network
YA98 Coso Passive Short Period Arrays
YB98 South Africa Seismic Experiment - Kimberley Telemetered Array
YC03 Wallowa Mountains
YC11 Ramp Virginia
YC13 Texas Brine Corporation Louisiana Seismic Network
YE11 Testing TA and FA Vaults and Directly Buried Sensors (3T)
YF99 Midsea - Mantle Investigation of the Deep Suture between Eurasia and Africa
YI98 Antarctic Network of Broadband Seismometers
YJ01 Ethiopia-Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment
YK00 Coordinated Seismic Experiment in the Azores
YL01 Himalayan Nepal Tibet Experiment
YN99 Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica
YN10 San Jacinto Fault Zone
YQ03 Katla 2003
YS01 Grants Pass Well
YS04 Plume Lithosphere Undersea Melt Experiment
YU06 DELTA LEVY Northern California
YV00 North East Atlantic Tomography (NEAT)
YW07 Flexarray Along Cascadia Experiment for Segmentation
YW16 IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma
YX10 Flexarray 3D Passive Seismic Imaging of Core-Complex Extension in the Ruby Range Nevada
Z609 Forsyth Deployment near the South Shatsky Fracture Zone
Z910 Southeastern Suture of the Appalachian Margin Experiment
ZD07 Seismcity of Quebrada-Discovery-gofur- Transforms ( QDG)
ZF07 Afar Consortium Network
ZJ12 Transantarctic Mountains Northern Network
ZL05 Sea of Cortez Ocean Bottom Array (SCOOBA)
ZL07 Sierras Pampeanas
ZU09 Marine Observations of Anisotropy
ZW13 Locating North Texas Earthquakes