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ZF07 - Afar Consortium Network The aim of the seismic deployment is to complement an array deployed as part of an NSF project, which is localized around the Dabbahu rift segment with the objective of investigating the on-going seismicity. The ACE array covered a much larger aperture, thus providing data to study deeper earth structure and determine the underlying dynamics of rifting in the region. The array is designed to a) cover a large aperture, with regular spacing for tomography, seismic noise interferometry and seismicity studies; b) contain cross rift profiles to enable reciever functions to constrain the variation in crust and lithospheric structure across the rift; c)Use CMG-3T stations on the edge of the array to maximize long inter-station paths used for surface wave studies; d)provide long-term monitoring of seismic anisotropy and seismicity 2007-10-03 / 2009-10-21
Network Station Name Lat/Lon Elevation Est. Thick StdDev Est. Vp/Vs StdDev Assumed Vp Vs Poissons Ratio Num EQ Complexity