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XH02 - Western Anatolia Linear Array and Regional Network A 100-km long north-south trending array of 41 short-period instruments was deployed across an east-west trending graben system about 100 km east of Izmir in western Anatolia. In addition to the linear array, five broadband and four short-period stations were deployed as a regional array. Receiver functions were obtained for the short-period stations of the linear array using a stacking method developed by L. Zhu and used to obtain a cross-section of crustal structure. Receiver functions and shear-wave splitting measurements from the broadband instruments will be used to study, respectively, one-dimensonal crustal structure and upper mantle anisotropy. The regional arrays, along with selected stations of the linear array are being used to locate earthquakes within the study area and to obtain a three-dimensional velocity of the crust. 2002-11-18 / 2003-12-31
Network Station Name Lat/Lon Elevation Est. Thick StdDev Est. Vp/Vs StdDev Assumed Vp Vs Poissons Ratio Num EQ Complexity
XH02 AKH AKhisar 38.91 N/27.81 E 128 m 60 km 12 km 1.65 0.12 6.155 km/s 3.73 km/s 0.21 4 0.88
XH02 BOZ Bozdag Military Base 38.30 N/28.05 E 1216 m 31 km 0.3 km 1.70 0.01 6.291 km/s 3.701 km/s 0.24 3 0.23
XH02 KUL Kula 38.54 N/28.63 E 700 m 56 km 12 km 1.75 0.11 6.291 km/s 3.595 km/s 0.26 2 0.88