Stations in YK00 (3 stations)

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Network Description Owner Dates
YK00 - Coordinated Seismic Experiment in the Azores A 5-station broadband array (STS2 w/Reftek dataloggers) provided by DTM, installed with help from ETH, and Instituto Metreorologia, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal was in operation from December 2000 - September 2002. Site locations selected to utilize existing stations operated by the Portuguese (CMLA (an IRIS/GSN station) and CDRO (operated by Centro de Geofisica da Universidadede Lisboa)) and French (FLOR (operated by Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)); placed on both sides of the mid-Atlantic ridge; and as a westward extension of the MIDSEA experiment. This deployment is aimed at understanding a) the Azores plume (the crust and upper mantle structure); b) the behavior of the boundries between Eurasia, Africa, and North America; and c) monitoring local seismic and volcanic activity for improved natural hazards assesment. 2000-10-11 / 2002-12-31
Network Station Name Lat/Lon Elevation Est. Thick StdDev Est. Vp/Vs StdDev Assumed Vp Vs Poissons Ratio Num EQ Complexity
YK00 COV2 Corvo 39.68 N/31.11 W 194 m 58 km 22 km 1.72 0.19 4.24 km/s 2.465 km/s 0.24 2 0.80
YK00 PSJO PSJO Pico Azores Portugal 38.42 N/28.30 W 0.0 m 50 km 6.9 km 1.86 0.10 4.802 km/s 2.582 km/s 0.30 2 0.86
YK00 PSMA PSMA Santa Maria Azores Portugal 36.99 N/25.13 W 0.0 m 18 km 4.5 km 1.60 0.12 4.802 km/s 3.001 km/s 0.18 12 0.55